Google Hotel Search

Connect to Google Hotel Search with Channex. Now Google offers free listings on their Hotel price search and is suitable for any property with a  Google My Business Listing.

Quick Connect

Adding your property to Google is quick and painless. Just select the rooms and rates you wish to share and you are done.

Bulk Pricing for OTA/IBE

We have great pricing for connecting a large amount of properties to Google

Free Visibility

With Google offering free visibility there is no drawback to get your direct prices showing. Make sure you offer the best prices!

Our Approach

Assisted Booking Engine

We can provide an assisted booking engine based on the Channex API if required. Or you can redirect the link to your booking engine.

Commission Free Bookings

We only charge a small monthly fee to connect your properties. There is no commission or other fees to pay.

Channex Connections

We connect all major OTA's

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