About Channex

Helping hotels better connect things

There is a notion that companies need to build everything in-house. That building yourself saves money and improves margins.

But at Channex we believe you can outsource key services and that it is good for the bottom line and will improve customer satisfaction.

That is why we created a connectivity solution that connects hotels to sales channels such as booking and Airbnb all with one integration.

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Our story

The Start (Aug 2020)
Having previously owned a hotel PMS we found that we were forced to build all pieces of the tech stack ourselves.

Building everything means you can't build anything well, customer satisfaction was lagging. Outsourcing services like connectivity was expensive.

Channex was born to provide an option to connect OTA's at scale without building or maintenance.
Dec 2020
We reached our goal to help over 1200 properties globally.
Aug 2021
Growing fast we reached 3000 properties and now connect all major OTA such as Google, Booking and Airbnb.
With covid behind us we are pushing out our new services of messaging and reviews. With over 60 PMS partners connected we are helping them scale their connectivity while they focus and building what is most important.

We hit 10k properties and connect 75 PMS systems