Channex Connectivity Hub

Channex offers PMS a white label connectivity solution as a service. Fast, secure and flexible connections will help you offer a white label channel manager as a feature.

Contact us for pricing especially suited for PMS, IBE or Group/Chain..
Fast Connect

Don't spend your time on connecting and maintaining OTA connections. We connect everything for you.

Channex Tokenisation

If you are not PCI compliant or find the process costly. We have a PCI solution built especially for PMS systems.

Best API

We spend a lot of time to make our API documentation usable and open so you to can use quickly and easily.

Our Approach

Partner, not compete

Channex we partner with PMS to help you secure & scale your business. We have no plans to offer any PMS system or PMS features ourselves.

Channex App

We now offer a Channex app so properties can use on the go. We also provide white label version if required.
Channex PCI

Credit Card Tokenisation

Channex PCI provides secure card tokenisation service and secure vault to ensure your servers don't handle card data.

Stop wrestling with PCI compliance and start focusing on what you can do best.

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GDPR (Personal Data Vault)

Tokenise all Personal Data

(Coming Soon) Your system holds millions of customer bookings & profiles full of personal data. Tokenise this sensitive data and easily meet the GDPR rules around data security and data retention.

Similar how credit cards are tokenised, personal data is now required to be kept in an ultra secure way with huge implications and fines if not done correctly in case of a data breach.

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Code Editor
"card_number": "411111******1111",
"card_type": "MC",
"cardholder_name": "Bookingcom Agent",
"cvv": "***",
"expiration_date": "12/2021",
"is_virtual": true,
"meta": {
   "virtual_card_currency_code": "EUR",
   "virtual_card_current_balance": "6755",
   "virtual_card_decimal_places": "2",
   "virtual_card_effective_date": "2020-09-12",
   "virtual_card_expiration_date": "2021-09-12"

Clean and modern API

We created a very clean and simple Json API which is suitable for any system. You should find connecting to Channex is easy and straight forward.

Code Editor
"values": [{
  "property_id": "716305c4-561a-4561-a187-7f5b8aeb5920",
  "rate_plan_id": "bab451e7-9ab1-4cc4-aa16-107bf7bbabb2",
   "date_from": "2019-02-20",
   "date_to": "2019-03-20",
   "rate": 30000

Flexible and responsive

We believe an API is never finished, we constantly add more abilities and more flexibility to our API.

Code Editor
"room_type": {
   "property_id": "716305c4-561a-4561-a187-7f5b8aeb5920",
   "title": "Standard Room",
   "count_of_rooms": 20,
   "occ_adults": 3,
   "occ_children": 0,
   "occ_infants": 0,
   "default_occupancy": 2,
   "facilities": [],


Our API was built with PMS in mind. Multi property, multi room type, multi connections. We support both hotels and vacation rentals.

Mobile App

We can offer a white label version of our popular channel manager app.

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Channex PCI

If you need a PCI solution please get in touch to chat on our solution. More Info here.


We connect the biggest channels and with more regional channels on the way. App Connectivity coming soon.

Channex GDPR

Now you can tokenise all personal data so you can reduce your security and compliance liabilities.

Service Level Agreement

We can supply a standard SLA or agree to a custom SLA and support package.


Channex is PCI & GDPR Compliant. This means all your data and customer information is ultra secure.

Custom Connections

We can supply custom integrations to your PMS/CRS or other applications. And provide well documented API for your developers to access our data.

Channex Connections

We connect all major OTA's

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