Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Hotel, how can I sign up for Channex?
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If you are a Apaleo PMS customer please contact us directly. If you are using another PMS please contact your PMS provider.
Can I cancel anytime?
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Yes you can, all our contracts have flexible terms inside.
Can I use Channex without a PMS?
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You will need a PMS connection in order to use Channex. We can't help you if you don't have a PMS system or use a unconnected PMS.
Is Channex PCI Compliant or Certified?
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Yes. Channex is certified PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. This means all your data and customer information is ultra secure.
I am an OTA, can I connect?
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Yes, You can connect to us without fuss or fees. Please get in touch.
Why work with Channex?
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We are the new way of working with connectivity. Gone are the days of expensive channel managers that need a lot of human support. The future is a great API and low cost and maintenance.
I am a hotel and my PMS provider uses Channex, can I ask Channex for support directly?
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We have enterprise plans where a PMS provider can use our connectivity to provide to their customers, you might find out about Channex in this way because you have to select our name in booking or Expedia. All support should be done with the PMS and we provide them support if they run into issues. If it is an emergency please reach out to us direct.

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