We connect with a growing list of partners, take a look below for the current list of certified connections.


Types of Connections

At Channex we love integration requests, apps or any ideas. Below you can see our list of already connected partners. Here is a small description of what types we have.

Property Management System (PMS)

This is the application that will have all details about your rooms, with a visual calendar and invoicing or financials.

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Online Travel Agent (OTA)

This is a website that sells your rooms online such as or Expedia.

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Revenue Management (RM)

These are apps that take your current prices and modifies them depending on competitor prices, occupancy or other information.

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Channel Manager (CM)

We have many channel managers connect to Channex or we connect to them. A channel manager is a system that connects to OTA.

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Meta Search (Meta)

Meta Search websites typically pull info from connectivity providers on demand. Google and Trivago are good examples of a Meta Search Website.

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Alternative Distribution (Alt)

Alternative Distribution includes traditional wholesalers and newer alrernatives. They help by connecting your property to smaller agents and OTA.

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Become a Partner

If you have an app, OTA or PMS we are open to any integration request.

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