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Connect your hotel system to Google with Channex

Your Google Connectivity Partner

Channex helps you connect to Meta Search providers with just one API.


In-Memory Cache – Rates and Inventory are stored in memory to guarantee a super fast connection

Your Brand – Links from Google will go to your landing pages

Room & Rate Content – We support all latest API from Google

Scaleable – We provide scaleability for unlimited numbers of properties

Your Google Connectivity Partner
What we offer


We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to connect and save developer resources.


We can help you forward your inventory or collect from various sources into one feed.

Developer Support

You can easily connect our open API. We provide developer resources to guide and help new connections.

CRS Cache

If you have your own CRS we can provide a fast cache to protect your system from overloading or scaling issues.

White Label

Our solution can be offered in your brand and style.

Open API

We have provided comprehensive documentation. No NDA or contracts required to connect. Startups are also welcome.

Technical Support

As a partner we will help diagnose any connection issues between our systems or connected systems.

Why Us

Full, Faster, Functional

Completely leverage our connectivity & distribution options to scale your business.






More Open

Built for developers!

Built for developers!

We have a full API for the backend and front end. Check out the docs!

We have a full API for the backend and front end. Check out the docs!

Channex API Channex UI Source (Coming Soon)